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There are many motorcycle expedition companies out there (some good, some not so good!) and it can be difficult to know whether or not you are making the right choice. On this page we highlight some points that we feel should be a priority to every motorcycle tour operator. We also highlight some points we believe make us stand out above our competitors – the points that we believe make the difference between just a good motorcycle expedition company and an outstanding one.

Even if you choose not to tour with Ride Cambodia, these are still points you should bare in mind when considering going on a motorcycle expedition with any Asian tour operator.



The single most important question you should be asking any motorcycle tour operator is “ARE YOU LICENSED?“. A legitimate tour operator should have details of their tourism license on their website. Every tourism business is required by law to have a tourism license, so you could be forgiven for assuming they all do. However, this is Asia and there are actually very few companies that do hold the correct license (they cost a lot of money after all!). Riding with an unlicensed company puts you at risk, for example, some travel insurance policies will not be valid if they have stipulated that the company with which you are touring must be licensed. It is within the power of the police to permanently shut down without prior notice, any travel company that does not hold a tourism license… and this is some thing the government are starting to crack down on!

Tour license


We take your safety very seriously. We do everything we can pre-tour to ensure that our customers are booking onto a tour that is appropriate for their skill level. We promote sensible riding and never push anyone to go faster than they are comfortable with. Western & local medics are available and no tour will ever go out without a satellite phone. Our support vehicles carry substantial medical kits, including an oxygen bottle and defibrillator (just in case).


Worried about damaging our motorcycles? In the countries in which we operate it is only possible to obtain ‘third-party only’ insurance policies on the motorcycles, meaning you will be liable for any damage caused to your motorcycle through fault of your own. Due to this limitation, Ride Cambodia has developed a ‘Major Damage Protection‘ plan. For an extra US $20 per day you will be protected for any motorcycle damage in excess of US $250.

the motorcycles


We embark on epic adventures into some extremely remote locations. To do so on a sub-standard machine is unacceptable and irresponsible. We understand the importance of proper maintenance and no bike is cleared to go on tour unless we are 100% confident it meets our high standards.


charity motorcycle touring


Part profits from each and every ride are donated to a Cambodian charity called ‘M’Lop Tapang’. Every year we also run a ‘charity motorcycle ride’ with 100% of the profits going to M’Lop Tapang.
We also like to help out the local communities we ride through in any way we can – for example, we sponsor a school in the Ratanakiri province of Cambodia, providing them with learning materials, toys and school uniforms.


The local guides are the real stars of the show on the Expeditions team. Our guides are among the best of the best and have accumulated a vast amount of skills and knowledge, achievable only through years and years of experience. The sense of comfort you get from riding with seasoned professionals can not be replicated with a GPS and a fancy toolkit… we would not dream of touring without them.

motorcycle tyre change
Expedition support vehicle


Our support vehicles also carry a substantial medical kit (including an oxygen bottle and defibrillator… just in case!), an array of spare parts and a spare bike. So, should you or the bike fall ill we’ll be able to fix the issue and get you back on the road in no time. We always ensure that the vehicle is never fully loaded, meaning that if you need to ‘sit out’ on any of the riding days for any reason, you can ride in the comfort of an air-conditioned 4×4. The support vehicle will often meet with the group at lunch to provide a welcome western style picnic.


Not everyone is after the same thing when it comes to a motorcycle adventure holiday. That is why we offer our customers the flexibility of choosing from different pricing options: Budget, Standard & Luxury. 1 itinerary, 3 price options. By doing so, we aim to cater for riders from all walks of life and provide an adventure to suit both you and your wallet.


This is your holiday and it is our responsibility to ensure it is the best it can possibly be. This is a responsibility we take very seriously. We give you a pre-tour phone call to ensure all questions are answered and you’re ready for the tour ahead; we’re happy to advise on any pre/post tour accommodation/activities/flights/transfers; we will take care of any special requests you have during the tour (want a birthday party organised?)… the list goes on. We believe it’s these small personal touches that really make a big difference to your overall enjoyment… and that is of course the whole point!

Asia motorcycle expedition

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

Read testimonials from our past riders.

We hate to blow our own horn… so our past riders are doing it for us! Visit the ‘Testimonials’ page to see real reviews from past adventurers.

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