Ride Cambodia gave me was the chance to have a real off-road adventure in the framework of a well organised and planned tour of a little known country, and I left Cambodia with many great memories of the people I’d met, the happy children, Toby, Anna, Chea and Thea, and a real sense of achievement. Thank you.Peter Lambart
motorcycle tour review by Peter Lambart
whole hog Cambodia review by Gareth Foster
Congratulations to the two of you Toby and Anna. You are doing a fabulous job and your business will go from strength to strength as you keep creating options to meet market demand. It was an absolute pleasure riding with you.Gareth Foster
This was a fantastic adventure with every day bringing something new. As the only female rider on this tour, I felt nothing but genuine support from my fellow riders, the tour operators and the staff. There was a variety of riding tracks including loose gravel, dirt roads littered with round, square, shallow or deep pot holes, fast free flowing tracks, sandy single track, rocky mountain tracks, narrow sandy laneways connecting villages, river crossings, raft and ferry crossings, insanely busy highways and the occasional bit of mud and slippery dirt roads when the rain fell one afternoon. Add to all of that the awe of watching many locals on their step through scooters approach a section of track and navigate an obstacle that at first seemed impassable by anything other than a trail bike. The Cambodian people are warm, inviting, friendly and easy going and we felt welcome everywhere we went. The staff were second to none providing on demand mechanical support, translation support and information about each local area we rode into.Katie Foster

Whole Hog Cambodia tour review by Katie Foster
Ride Cambodia Review by Guy Frazer

Starts off as a motorbike ride, but becomes a life experience you can’t afford to miss out on.Guy Frazer
From the moment I got off the plane Ride Cambodia swung into action. I was greeted at the airport and taken to my hotel. From this day forth my 20 day tour was well organised, thought out really well and everything went smoothly and exceeded my expectations. Don’t worry about carrying the kitchen sink on your bike! Your bags will greet you at the end of every ride every day! How good is that!!!! It’s not just about the riding, it’s the whole Cambodian experience taken to its what I believe to its highest level. You’ll visit many villages and be welcomed everywhere you go. Cambodia is full of smiles and laughter. You don’t have to be an expert rider but it does help, trails can be tough for an average rider… But that’s why I did it! You’ll fly home with new skills and a much brighter look on life. I’ll be back and I’ll be riding with Ride Cambodia.Neville Hackett

Reviewing Ride Cambodia by Neville Hackett

rider testimonial by Nick Jackson
A fantastic experience, much more than just a holiday! Toby and Anna, ably supported by our guide Chea and the support truck driver Thea, provided a really good service. Everything was well organised and they were able to amend our schedule to meet our changing requirements and abilities, whilst remaining calm and entirely unruffled. The hotels were of a good standard. The village home stays, whilst being basic, really allowed us to experience Cambodia and its people close up. The trails were incredible and sufficiently demanding to stretch our abilities beyond our limits! Their love for the country and its people shone through and their charitable work in Cambodia is to be admired. Keep it up!Nick Jackson
Just back from a superb 10 day trip. The itinerary was expertly arranged for the 7 of us, to suit our needs and riding ability. Toby runs a very professional team and everything is well organised and safe with 2 trained medics. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an adventure on 2 wheels. Bikes were all well prepared and easy to ride. Trails were at times challenging in the heat, so prepare well. We encountered; sand, mud, gravel, rocks and plenty of water. This is the best possible way to see the real Cambodia and we all came back with some fantastic memories. Thanks again to Toby, Anna, Chea and Thea. Hope to come back one day! Ian Kirkwood

Cambodian motorcycle tour review by Ian Kirkwood

Ride Cambodia review by Ian Gibson
I would never have put a dirt bike tour of Cambodia onto my bucket list, even if I had one BUT…. having done this tour with Toby, Anna, Chea and Thea I would urge you to add it to yours! Don’t miss this chance to see a beautiful country and its people in a way no tour bus could ever do. The thrill and sense of achievement at the end of each day coupled to the mental decompression of all you have seen, tasted and smelled at the end of the tour cannot be beaten. Do it with friends and definitely do it with Ride Cambodia!! They really know their country, their equipment and how to treat their customers! Ian Gibson
I started this trip with not much expectations. The ride was as hard or as easy as you wanted catering for all riders. Every time we entered towns the locals were so happy to see us running to the street to greet us. The local guide knew every track in Cambodia, every day brought new tracks and types of terrain. The tour was informative from before we left austarlia to the last day. We took in local food and culture as well as a hard days ride. Hard enough to enjoy many beers. The ride felt we were always with mates not on a tour. With freedom to ride the bikes hard. Love to come back and recommend to anyone who can ride a bike and looking for adventure. This was the best way to see the country.Stan

Cambodian motorcycle tour testimonial by Stan

Ride review by Kat Kingsley
I recently completed the tough ride. Being a female rider I was a little nervous knowing it would be a ‘boys’ trip. From the moment I arrived I felt very comfortable and confident that I would be looked after. The tour guides/mechanics are experienced and very helpful and best of all are very lovely people. I felt the value for money was great and very well catered to western standards (the best they could). The trip was challenging at times but thats what makes it a great achievement 🙂 Toby made sure we knew what to expect in the morning briefs and the team was there to help every step of the way. I had so much fun on this trip, made some great friends and will have these experiences with me forever. I would recommend it to anyone (within their riding abilities of course :)) Kat Kingsley
Into bikes and thinking about getting off the tourist route? This could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for – the real Cambodia. If you can throw a leg over and are up for a bit of adventure I would strongly recommend looking at Ride Cambodia tours. I completed an 8 day ride in February with a great bunch of guys and a very professional outfit in Toby and his support crew of medic, mechanic and sweep. A real bonus – these guys will also give you a good insight into Cambodia itself. The XR250’s supplied are capable and fit for purpose bikes, all well prepared and fitted with quality tyres. All the accommodation provided was great and the food even better, just loved it. I thoroughly enjoyed riding the different terrain and taking in some excellent scenery along the way but the highlight for me was the Khmer people themselves. This is one of the best things I’ve done in years. Ride Cambodia, I will be back!Peter Simmons

Ride Cambodia review by Peter Simmons

motorcycle tour review by Sean Beamish
It’s inevitable you will form expectations before any adventure .. With Ride Cambodia you are wasting your energy trying, as you will experience more than you can imagine.
These are a truly unique experience and are aptly named as genuine ride adventures; no two will be the same, every rider on the same tour will remember it differently. Regardless of your riding skill you will at some point going to feel completely inadequate as a Cambodian family carrying a weeks groceries idle past on a scooter and head down the same track you just found challenging.

Do it all over again? Absolutely!!Sean Beamish

Took on this tour with no expectations and was blown away by the experience. Definitely didn’t feel like a tourist here, great experiences by local guides who had a massive interest in sharing his knowledge of his country and his passion for dirt bikes. Riding a dirt bike through Cambodia ensures you get to experience it in everyway hope to do it again soon.Steve Cooney

review of ride expeditions by Steve Cooney
dirt bike tour review by Eilon Paz

I was able to see parts of Cambodia only possible by motorbike. The team was professional and each day entailed a different scene and challenge. Highly recommended.Eilon Paz
I didn’t have much experience on a dirt bike before but that didn’t matter, if you like adventures then give it a go. There is an amazing team there to support you all the way. It was a unique experience, riding across Cambodian country side and seeing the real Cambodia. You go to really remote villages, cross rivers, cross bridges made out of a few planks and taste some amazing food! Thanks for the great experience Ride Expedition Team! Calum D'Cruz

charity ride review by Calum D'Cruz

Asia motorcycle tours review by charity ride review by Ben Candy
I recently completed “The Tough One” with Ride Cambodia, which is the ten day tour starting at Phnom Penh and finishing in Sihanoukville. This trip as one of the most amazing things I have ever done. The trip was exceptionally well run and organised, the support we received was top notch in every way. There is medical support available for the whole trip in the way of a Nurse and there are two Bike Whisperers (Mechanics), these 3 people kept us and the bikes running through some tough days. This tour allows you to see parts of the country that are off the beaten track, you get to see some amazing parts of a beautiful country. I am honestly unable to express how well this tour is run to do it justice. I will definitely be booking a trip with Ride Cambodia again in the future and have no hesitation in recommending them to every one out there. I would like to add a big thank you to Toby (Owner and Guide) and Anna (Owner and everything else support) for this trip, you are an amazing group and I have made some amazing friends that will be friends for a life time. Keep doing what you are doing and I will see you on the next trip.Ben Candy

Overall, this ranks as one my top adventures. My friends and I are already discussing our next trip with Ride Cambodia, which might be expanding into neighboring Laos. David Yang
motorcycle tour review by David Yang

Asia tours review by Kris Long
I had heard such great things about Ride Cambodia so from the beginning my expectations were set unrealistically high, and yet I was still blown away!

I joined the group for the 2014 Christmas Charity ride for M’Lop Tapang. Everything was better than I imagined! I expected things to be a little quirky, being in Cambodia, but not at all! The bikes were sorted, they had provisions for every situation, and I never felt like i was missing or needing something! Flat tire? No problem! Broke a clutch lever? Not a worry! Blew a fork seal? Let me get that for you! It was such a relief that I could ride one of their bikes and have more confidence in it than my own!

As for the riding? It was great! The easy days were a great way to see a part of the world I had never explored, and it really felt like we were exploring some new land! Of course the guides all knew where we were at every point, but to me it all seemed like a vast new frontier! Going through seemingly endless small trails to a hard ride through single track mountain trails, the trip had it all. My favorite was a good long morning ride followed by a lunch break in a river, a great way too relax and enjoy some great company! Everything from river and hand made bridge crossings to stopping at isolated villages for some local cuisine, it all came together to make for a great time! With all the planning they do to make sure everyone has a great time it’s also nice to see some spontaneous events such as a small town wedding that we observed from a little distance only to have patrons come and invite us in! Learning a Khmer dance and sharing in some amazing festivities was something I never dreamed of experiencing, but will always remember!

Obviously I can’t say enough good things about this trip. I must say I’ve never felt so satisfied with anything I’ve done before, I will talk about this to anyone who will listen well into my old age.Kris Long

An incredible adventure that will no doubt be the first of many!

A novice rider, Toby, Anna and the rest of the Ride Cambodia Team welcomed me into their home days prior to the ride and along with good food, poolside rest and relaxation and an introduction to the country, customs and history, took me out for a full riders introduction through the surrounding countryside.

After ensuring I was completely comfortable with the gear, the bikes and the sorts of terrain I would be encountering over the following six days, we set out for a fantastic lunch and meet and greet with our fellow adventurers. From the get-go Toby and Anna ensured our every need was catered for, the bikes were in great condition, with multiple local mechanics riding on route with us every step of the way. Support trucks, western medical back-up and well organized routes, accommodation and activities allowed us all to simply absorb this wonderful country and get stuck right in to some serious biking…. not to mention some lively evenings too!

I couldn’t have asked for a better trip and feel blessed to have met many incredible new friends along the way. I’ll be back for sure!Euan Darling

Ride Cambodia review by Euan Darling

Cambodia tour review by Rob Palu
Experience of a life time. The Tour was expertly run by passionate owners and staff. The 10 day Tough One trip’s long days of off-road riding was the perfect way to explore Cambodia, and interact with the Khmer people. After every day of riding we settled into high quality western accommodations when available, before sharing tales of near wrecks, and personal accomplishments over dinner. Many times the restaurants we visited were spectacular venues with live performances and unreal views. It would be an incredible challenge to find similar quality restaurant experiences if attempting this trip independently. The services of a mechanic and nurse kept our group and bikes running smoothly on this challenging trip. I arrived solo and left with many amazing friends, who I fortunately was able to share this experience with.Rob Palu
Run by a young and enthusiastic team who are knowledgeable about the country. Toby and Anna made you feel welcome from the first meeting. The terrain is awe inspiring and diverse as are the local people. What a great opportunity to see a developing country from the seat of a bike. The riding was challenging and ever changing. the food fantastic as was the accommodation. It is not often you get to stay in the Village Chief’s house. The support team were sensational with a mechanic and medic following in the support vehicle. I have done a few other biking holidays and are now planning the next one to the Cardommen Mountains with Toby and the team. Great value for money with nothing to worry about apart from enjoying yourself.Michael Peirce

motorcycle holiday review by Michael Peirce

motorcycle tour review by Marcus Cole
I have recently had the opportunity to do one of there bike riding adventure after many years of being hesitant i booked it in and went for it.
Communication right from the inquiry to the first day was impeccable,made me feel confident i was going with a proffesionally run company and after I arrived the first day and met Toby and his crew I instantly felt relaxed and eager to get under way.
The sights you see and people you meet will stay with you forever is a understatement,this ride was brilliant.
The food supplied and the accommodation was fantastic, along with having very knowledgable mechanics and medic travelling with us made me feel very secure riding through the ever changing terrain.
I rate this as being one of the most memorable
and exciting tours I have participated in. A must for any outdoor motorcycle enthusiast.
I will be certainally be heading back perhaps more than once.Marcus Cole

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